The biggest misconceptions about PTSD

One of the biggest misconceptions about PTSD is that it is a personal flaw. That there is something intrinsically wrong with you. That you were weak and easily susceptible. The biggest lesson I can explain to you is that...

You aren’t experiencing the symptoms because of who you are.

You are experiencing them because of something that occurred that is traumatic. It has nothing to do with who you are as a person. PTSD is the body and mind’s response to a traumatic event. It is the result of severe stress. The flashbacks, the nightmares, the mood changes and guilt are a response to what you went through. They aren’t a reflection of you. It’s not a measure of your strength. It’s proof that you aren’t a robot but a human being.

The second misconception is that PTSD is a lifelong sentence.

That’s the unfortunate thing about mental health issues. The pain can hurt so bad that sometimes it feels that you will always struggle with the pain. That you will have to carry around the pain with you for life. I’m here to tell you that PTSD is treatable. Sometimes life breaks you down. Take it as an opportunity to rebuild your life and take care of yourself. You have been through enough struggle and pain. It’s time to invest in yourself and begin your healing process.

The final misconception is that you have to “suffer through” your symptoms/behaviors.

That things will somehow get better on their own. That it will work itself out. There is no need in suffering if there is help out there. Sometimes it feels that your family and friends don’t necessarily understand what you are going through. That’s ok, you can keep them as a support system. More importantly you can get professional help from a therapist who can support you in a way that your friends and family can’t. Please don’t suffer and struggle through life after trauma if you don’t have to. Please treat your symptoms and behaviors so they don’t consume you. You are loved, you are important and you deserve to be happy. You deserve healing after a terrifying experience.

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